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Continuous Enhancement of Quality Measurement (CEQM) in Primary Mental Health Care: Closing the Implementation Loop
A Primary Health Care Transition Fund National Envelope Project

The goal of CEQM was to improve the quality of mental health care for all Canadians by fostering quality measurement in Primary Mental Health Care. It aimed to achieve this goal through building pan-Canadian consensus on a small set of quality measures. These measures can be used in quality improvement efforts at various levels of the health system including the practice level. The project reached the end of its Primary Health Care Transition Funded work on September 30th 2006.

This site has been fully revised – by using the Quality Measures database, you will have access to information on 160 quality measures regarding primary mental health care. As well, Project Results provides a set of communications materials that are print-ready for your use.

As an online legacy resource, this site provides information about:

  • Scope of the project and detailed information about each of its sub projects
  • Steering Committee membership
  • Approaches to Knowledge Transfer and Exchange
  • Selected highlights from the events and activities that took place during the project

Although the project has now formally closed, you may direct enquiries to infoceqm-acmq.com – we welcome your feedback.

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